Warehouse Manager

We are looking to hire a full-time warehouse manager for our facilities in the West Palm Beach area

Position Type

Full Time


    • Using a forklift to complete everyday activities
    • Managing and overseeing the shipping, receiving, handling, and storage of products within the warehouse
    • Coordinating drop-offs and pick-ups
    • Following inventory control procedures
    • Ideal candidate is exceptionally detail-oriented and able to track multiple facets of the warehouse at any given time.
    • Ensure the warehouse operates at peak efficiency, with customer satisfaction being the primary goal
    • Keeping facilities neat and organized

    Experience Requirements

    • Must have prior experience working in and/or managing a warehouse with at least 1 professional reference
    • Proficient knowledge of warehouse procedure and policy
    • Basic computer skills are preferred, but not required
    • Must be willing to learn and able to think on your feet

    Required Skills

    • Must be comfortable with high levels of physical activity
    • Must be able to life heavy furniture and boxes on a daily basis
    • Must be able to stack furniture and boxes in an organized, secure fashion
    • Excellent problem-solving skills


    • Ability to speak, read, and write English
    • Strong organizational skills and ability to multitask
    • Must have reliable transportation to and from work
    • Must be able to pass drug test and background check


    • Starts at $15 & up depending on experience
    • Additional performance-based incentives for exemplary work performance. Please inquire during in-person interview.