Move with us and get up to $500 in moving supplies for FREE!

Pack Less, Save More


Most Moving Companies Increase the Cost of Moving Supplies 1000%. We Give Them To You Free.

Simply book your move with Safebound, and we’ll provide up to $500 worth of the necessary moving supplies free of charge. Whether you’re moving across town or the country, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to pack up and move out with ease.

Sturdy moving boxes in various sizes to accommodate all your belongings

Bubble wrap and packing paper to protect your fragile items

Packing tape and markers to label your boxes for easy unpacking

Wardrobe boxes to keep your clothes organized and wrinkle-free

Our Movers Protect Your Prized Possessions

We understand that your belongings are more than just items – they’re a reflection of your life and memories. That’s why our team of experienced movers takes extra care to protect your belongings throughout the moving process.

What Our Customer Say

Audrey C.

Wow! Where to start? This was one of the most seamless, emotional, and simple moving experiences I’ve ever had. I am extremely grateful to Elias, Mynor, and Tino. They were all extremely helpful and kind, and man, could they work! Very organized, like a well-oiled machine! Such a gentleman, which I greatly appreciate. It was my mother’s apartment, and she had been unexpectedly admitted to the hospital just days before, so it was difficult for me. Elias was incredibly sympathetic and kind. He shared with me that he had lost his mother last year and was extremely compassionate. He knew I was in a mess, so he made sure everything went smoothly and assured me that everything would be taken care of. Tino and Mynor were the sweetest and hardest working men I’ve ever seen. I cannot recommend this company enough, especially these three lovely people. Moving is stressful, especially under my current circumstances, but I just had to leave a review to thank these guys, this company, and how amazing they are. Thank you, Elias, Mynor, and Tino. I am grateful for your services and hard work.👍

Evan R.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Safebound and their team leader on my relocation from Florida to Massachusetts. I must say that they are the best movers in Florida and have exceeded all of my expectations.Safebound’s team leader was professional, knowledgeable, and efficient from the start to finish of my move. They took the time to understand my specific relocation requirements and provided a detailed plan for the entire process.One of the things I valued most about Safebound was their attention to detail and dedication to safety. They took great care in packing and loading my belongings, ensuring that they were safe for the long journey. They provided regular updates on the status of my belongings and promptly addressed any questions or concerns I had. This level of customer service was truly exceptional, making the moving process significantly less stressful.I was also impressed with their professionalism and efficiency on moving day. The team arrived promptly and worked hard to load and unload my belongings. They were respectful of my belongings and took great care when moving large items through tight spaces.I highly recommend Safebound to anyone looking for a cross-country or long-distance relocation. They are truly the best movers in Florida, and my move to Massachusetts was seamless and stress-free. Their team leader area demonstrates their dedication to excellence, and I am grateful for their exceptional service. Thank you, Safebound.

Theo E.

Safebound Moving Company in Florida gave my son and daughter an excellent experience, loading the truck with exceptional care and always smiling! Hard workers! Frank, Bryan, and Wilfredo were professional, efficient, and friendly from beginning to end. They took great care with the kids’ belongings, wrapping and loading everything to ensure that nothing was damaged during the move. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reputable long-distance moving company.

Learn To Move From the Moving Masters

Tip 1

Plan Ahead

Schedule your move well in advance to secure your desired moving date and time.

Tip 2

Communicate Clearly

Provide detailed instructions to Safebound regarding specific requirements or concerns

Tip 3

Pack a Moving Day Kit

Pack a box with essential items like medications, toiletries, snacks, and a change of clothes

Frequently Asked Questions:

Make sure there are clear pathways for the movers to navigate. Also have pets separated from the rest of the house.

Items such as explosives, flammable gases, corrosives, and toxic substances are dangerous and often illegal to transport. Examples include gasoline, propane tanks, paint, and chemicals.

Alert us right away! With our flexible scheduling, we'll be able to accommodate you.

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