For Interior Designers


For Interior Designers


A Solution For Your Vision

As artists, your focus is on visualizing, designing, and creating beautiful spaces for your clients. As a luxury moving company, our focus is on helping you bring those beautiful spaces to life.

Partner Projects

At Safebound Luxury, we cherish the close working relationships we cultivate with designers. The relationship between an interior designer and a client is intimate. You spend weeks picking and placing the perfect items, patterns, and color palettes. For us, it’s a privilege to help you make your client’s dream a reality.

That’s why we only hire professional, experienced movers who undergo extensive training. Our movers can handle those fragile items, install fine art, and calculate precise measurements. They’re reliable, honest, and competent. There isn’t a project too large or too complex for our team of experts.

Receiving & Delivery

Our warehousing department is well versed in the art of receiving orders big and small. Our logistics teams prepare the warehouse for all incoming orders. Once the shipments arrive, we meticulously examine and document the condition of every item – everything is documented in software that you can access. We then store your pieces in one of our clean, secure, climate-controlled warehouses.

When it’s time for delivery, you can schedule deliveries within our software. We deliver anything anywhere at any time. From sprinter vans to semi-trucks, we deliver your items in a fashion that best fits your needs. And we always guarantee a safe and efficient delivery.

Specialized Installation

We’re fully equipped to disassemble, move, and install any item. For example, we’ve moved pianos from the fourth floor of a condo and 2,000-pound bathtubs from the second floor of a villa. We specialize in the installation of delicates like chandeliers, porcelain, paintings, sculptures, and other valuable pieces.

Our teams are experts at using tools of the trade such as rigging equipment, safe jacks, and lifts. There isn’t an item that our moving specialists can’t handle. These specialists have years of experience handling the most difficult of items. With Safebound Luxury, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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