Long Distance Moving West Palm Beach, FL

Planning On Moving Out Of West Palm Beach, FL?

If you’re planning on moving from West Palm Beach to Atlanta, then logistics for a nearly nine-hour drive can be daunting, but moving your whole life (complete with furniture) from West Palm Beach to Atlanta can add an extra dose of panic to your move.

Not to mention the sense of culture shock you’re looking at, leaving sunny and colorful West Palm Beach for Atlanta’s year-round cloudy weather.

But while the weather might be something to get used to, the ATL- vibes will still feel like home. Much like the love you feel in West Palm Beach, you’ll find Atlanta’s southern hospitality is as charming and warm as it can be. The city is also filled with rich history, mouth-watering food, and did we mention it also has no shortage of things to do?

As soon as you get settled in Atlanta, you can explore some of its world-famous locations. Atlanta is home to The World of Coca-Cola and the biggest aquarium in the western hemisphere, aka The Georgia Aquarium.   Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg; there are hundreds of other places to explore in Atlanta. From visiting historic sites like Dr. Martin Luther King’s home to a day of adventure at Six Flags Over Georgia, and even a chance to experience some cinematic nostalgia with a Walking Dead City Tour.

Are you getting excited about your new home? We hope so because we are getting excited for you, and we can’t wait to help you get packed up and moved. We believe that moving your belongings should be the easiest part of the move. There are way too many places to explore and too little time to waste wondering how you will successfully make the nearly 600-mile trip.

At Safebound Moving, we have got you covered to make your long distance move from West Palm Beach to Atlanta the safest and most accessible experience ever! Some things you can count on:

We’re Licensed. 

If you’ve been doing your research on long-distance moving companies, you know that one of the most crucial things about hiring reputable movers is ensuring that they are licensed in long-distance moves. Hiring Safebound means you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing we are certified to complete long-distance moves in Florida and anywhere else in the country.


Time is of the essence during a long-distance move. We understand that all you want to do is get yourself settled into your new home as quickly as possible. That’s why we offer a significant time commitment. We plan out even the minor details in advance that allow us to have a foolproof system in place—giving us the chance to save you time and stress.

Customized Moves. 

If there is one thing we’ve learned about the moving business, no two moves are alike. Everyone’s home is different, and every move needs to be assessed differently to guarantee success. Allow our experienced moving consultants to tailor your move according to your needs. From storage to packing, we will create the perfect plan to meet your needs.


Our packing and unpacking services are the next best thing to having a magic wand. Packing tends to be one of the most stressful parts of moving, especially if you’re short on time or don’t know what you’re doing, but we have mastered this art. Our priority is making sure your belongings are delivered safely and damage-free. Our quick and tedious process is your best option for such a long move.

The right equipment. 

If you’ve ever hired someone off of craigslist or enlisted the help of a friend to help you move, you know the pain of getting the job done with just an old dolly and some cardboard boxes. At Safebound moving, we always have the latest tools and equipment on hand to help move your things in the safest way possible. Industry-standard packing materials are a must to complete a long-distance move, and we have got all of them.


Sometimes it’s just not possible to move all your belongings when dealing with an interstate move. If you need to move in a hurry but need a place to store your belongings, we’ve got you covered. We offer long-term and short-term storage options to ensure your belongings are kept safe while you get settled into your new home.

Auto Transportation. 

If you’re worried about how you will get your vehicle or vehicle(s) to Atlanta- don’t be. Our highly trusted auto transportation system is foolproof. We will ensure all of your vehicles are delivered safely and on time to your new home with you ever breaking a sweat.

Convenience Services. 

When traveling for nearly 600 miles, the last thing you want to deal with is cleaning or putting things together. That’s why we offer convenience services. Choose from a range of options like cleaning, setting up home-theatre systems, or any other odd jobs that will make your new life much easier.

Moving no longer has to have a negative and stressful connotation to it. At Safebound, not only have we managed to master the art of moving. We’ve perfected all of our services. Our training and hiring process has gone above and beyond to provide you a hassle-free and, dare we say, glamourous experience.

You can rest assure you can customize your move to be as easy and effortless as you want it to be. We live and breathe moving, and we are not happy until you are. Moving from West Palm Beach to Atlanta is exciting, and we want you to experience that excitement as soon as possible.

Trust our team to get your things delivered safely and timely so that all you have to worry about is starting on your Atlanta itinerary. There is so much to do and see in A-town that you will need all the time you can get.

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