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Planning On Moving Out Of West Palm Beach, FL?

If you’re moving from West Palm Beach to Austin, TX, congratulations! You are officially moving to one of the funnest cities in the world. When people think of Texas, they usually picture cowboy boots, longhorns, and BBQ, but Austin happens to be a bit of the exception to the rule. In fact, people in Austin often complain that they are surrounded by “Texans.”

Austin has somehow become its own little world within Texas. The city is full of colorful outdoor graffiti and has a highly vibrant nightlife. Not to mentions that it currently holds the title for “drunkest city in the US.”

But aside from all the “fun stuff,” Austin seems to be a lot like an onion. With layers upon layers to it. The subtropical city is full of tons of beautiful outdoor adventures. From the stunning Mount Bonnell views of the Colorado River to the shores of Lady Bird lake, it feels like for every nightclub around, there are a couple of nature adventures awaiting.

And If you come back feeling inspired by nature- you are not alone. Austin seems to be a magnet for creative people. And while a large percentage of those brilliant minds seem to be technology-driven, there are also tons of designers, writers, photographers, and artists.

This is excellent news if you fall within the creative category, because while you might think more creatives= more competition. Quite the opposite is true. Most creatives here love bonding over their creations and even pass up opportunities for one another. Talk about a safe haven for artists.

And if you’re wondering why we aren’t naming more Austin places to visit, it’s honestly because there are just way too many to name. Almost every corner of Austin has a restaurant, museum, or historical building worth checking out. So make sure that as soon as you make your way there, you put on your walking shoes and explore what calls to you.

And speaking of… why don’t you worry about getting to know your new city and allow us to handle the actual move. We have several long-distance moving services that will ensure your move from West Palm Beach to Austin is easy and seamless.

A Licensed Moving Company.

 If you’ve been researching long-distance moving companies, you might have noticed that not all of them are licensed for-distance moves. A reputable company will always be licensed and ready to show proof. But at Safebound, we aren’t just licensed in long-distance moves. We are also experts at them. Working with us means you get that much more peace of mind knowing we are certified in handling such a big job.



Texans don’t really like to be rushed, but they also don’t want to waste their time. We treat your move with the utmost respect and keep our eyes on the prize the whole time. We offer a significant time commitment and ensure we plan out even the most minor details ahead of time to ensure we value that commitment. If you want to ensure your belongings are shipped and delivered on time – we’re your guys.


Our packing and unpacking services are precisely what you need to keep you from spending time on busy work and help you focus on what’s important. Packing tends to be one of the most stressful and time-consuming parts of moving, especially if you’re short on time or don’t know what you’re doing, but we have mastered the process and are here to help. Our priority is making sure your belongings are delivered safely and damage-free. And our quick and tedious process is your best option to ensure your things are dealt with as efficiently as possible.

The right equipment. 

If you’re going to be investing in a moving company, you’re going to want to invest in one that has the right equipment. While there was a time when a dolly and some sturdy cardboard boxes were enough to complete a move, nowadays, there are too many fancy gadgets and delicately made furniture to risk. Everything needs to be packed and transported correctly. Our industrystandard packing materials are a must to complete your long-distance move.


Sometimes it’s just not possible to move all your belongings when dealing with an interstate move. If you need to move in a hurry but need a place to store your belongings, we’ve got you covered. We offer long-term and short-term storage options to ensure your belongings are kept safe while you get settled into your new home.

Auto Transportation. 

If you’ll be needing to ship your vehicle from Florida to Austin, we have got you covered. Our highly trusted auto transportation service ensures your vehicle(s) are delivered safely and on time to your new home without you ever breaking a sweat.

Convenience Services. 

Traveling long distances is exhausting. Traveling to settle roots in a new home is even more so. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make it to your new home and find that it’s not only clean but that your home-theatre system has been set up? Or that any debris from the move has been picked up? Those are just a couple of examples of extra services we provide to welcome you to your new home. Ask us about any specifics you may need, so we can ensure the smoothest move possible.

We go above and beyond because we know we are a massive part of your first experience in Dallas. We are well aware of the role we play in your new home, and we do not take it for granted.

Moving from Florida to Austin is a huge change. You are leaving your old life hundreds of miles behind, and work like that takes a village. Allow us to be your secure steppingstone into your new life.

Moving does not have to be the headache-inducing nightmare it was once associated with. It can now actually be easy and, dare we say, even fun. We can make the process one that will make you appreciate your sacrifices so much more and help you look forward to the future. Let us show you how.

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