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Planning On Moving Out Of West Palm Beach, FL?

California is known for its sunny weather, Disney, and lots of beaches. If we didn’t know any better, we’d think Florida and California were the same place… but alas, they are not. California is west coast heaven, and if you’re moving there, you are in for a delightful treat.

While moving from West Palm Beach, FL to California will definitely help ease any home-sick feelings leftover from Florida, you definitely won’t have to deal with as much humidity. And while there are also lots of beaches to visit, California provides a number of landscapes that range from valleys to mountains and everything in between.

Living in California is never dull. Here you have everything from popular theme parks like Disneyland, Universal Studios, and Six Flags to one world wonders like The Golden Gate Bridge. Not to mention the number of national parks like Yosemite, Sequoia, and the Redwood National state parks.

But of course, nothing will ever beat the number one place people seem to think of every time California is mentioned – Hollywood. Hollywood seems to be associated with all the glitz and glam people think of when they think of Southern California. Still, the reality is that Hollywood is just a tiny piece of what makes California a dream destination.

Setting roots here means you also have access to some of the best wine. California produces around 81% of the nation’s wine, and the vineyards here are amongst the most fabulous places to visit in the country.

And, of course, perhaps one of the things that either make or break the decision to live in California is its progressive politics. Depending on how strongly you feel about certain political topics, you will either love it or hate it here.

One thing is for sure though, if you do decide to set down roots here, you will have access to some of the most coveted places in the world, and you will definitely interact with some of the most interesting people you’ve ever met.

Are you excited about your move? Because we’re excited for you. Don’t you want to just jump into the fun stuff and start planning your adventures in California? Let us take care of the actual move. We can handle everything from the packing to the cleaning leaving you time to deal with the funner stuff.

Check out a list of some of our long-distance services below.


Long-Distance Licensed.

Moving cross-country is no easy task, and not all moving companies can handle it. That’s why only the most reputable and capable moving companies have the privilege of being licensed. At Safebound, not only are we licensed, but we are experts in long-distance moves. We pride ourselves on our training, our standards, and our experience…


California is all about relaxing and enjoying every single minute of the day, but you can’t really do that if you’re stressing about packing moving things. We understand that all you want to do is get yourself settled into your new home as quickly as possible. That’s why we offer a significant time commitment. We plan out even the minor details in advance that allow us to have a foolproof system in place—giving us the chance to save you time and stress.

Packing and Unpacking.

What if all you had to do when you got home to California was sit down, relax and take in the new atmosphere? That’s precisely what we can do for you with our packing and unpacking services. Packing tends to be one of the most stressful parts of moving, especially if you’re short on time or don’t know what you’re doing, but we have mastered this art. Our process is foolproof, and we can ensure that the most stressful part of moving day is figuring out what you’ll have for dinner.

The right equipment.

The wonderful thing about moving to hugely populated states is that there is no shortage of help. We know it’s easy to find someone willing to help you move for a fraction of the price. But long gone are the days when you can get away with moving with minimal equipment. At Safebound moving, we always have the latest tools and equipment on hand to help move your things in the safest way possible. Industry-standard packing materials are a must to complete a long-distance move, and we have got all of them.


Such a long trip doesn’t always leave room to bring all of your belongings on one trip. If that’s the case- worry not. We offer long-term and short-term storage options to ensure your belongings are kept safe while you get settled into your new home.

Auto Transportation. 

If you’re worried about how you will get your vehicle(s) to California- consider it a non-issue. Our highly trusted auto transportation system is foolproof. We will ensure all of your vehicles are delivered safely and on time to your new home without you ever breaking a sweat.

Convenience Services. 

Isn’t it enough you’ve made a life-changing move across the coast and traveled for hours? At Safebound, we don’t think you should have to walk into your new home only to find you still have to clean and set things up. That’s why we offer convenience services. Choose from various options like cleaning, setting up home-theatre systems, or any other odd jobs that will make your new life much easier.

Moving to California is the experience of a lifetime. The chilled-out vibes, the beautiful scenery, and the lovely humans will have you wondering why you didn’t come here sooner.

Let us help you get there hassle-free by using any or all of our long-distance services. We are always happy to answer any questions to help you decide on the best package options for you. Get your free no-obligation quote today

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