Moving To Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Places To Visit

Fort Lauderdale beach

Moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida – Places To Visit

Thinking about moving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida? Well welcome to Ft. Lauderdale – the yachting capital of the world. Now that you live here, you’ll get to experience first-hand everything this beautiful city has to offer. From its beautiful beaches to its year-round warm weather and its amazing culture- living here is truly a dream come true.

Today we’re sharing with you some of our favorite places to visit here. Keep in mind that even the most touristy of places have a different feel to them once you become a local. When you experience things with patient eyes and a relaxed mind, you get to experience them in a way that no tourist ever could. Check out our list below…

Fort Lauderdale Beach 

Of course, we have to kick off the list with one of our favorite beaches ever! The Fort Lauderdale beach is a tourist favorite for a good reason. With over seven miles of sparkling water and an award-winning beachfront promenade, this beach might become your second home during the summer. Additionally, the beach is also a hot spot for different water adventures like scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, and rollerblading.

Las Olas Boulevard 

Every major metropolitan city has its big party street, and Las Olas Boulevard is Fort Lauderdale’s. The-mile-long Blvd has all the classic Florida favorites like “Cycle Parties,” Food Tours, quaint coffee shops, and lots of shopping. And because it’s just such a beautiful place overall, it makes a great place to spend the day and people watch.

Riverwalk Arts & Entertainment District 

Florida is known for its glorious rich culture. Some say the state is synonymous with bright colors because Florida is practically dripping in art. Everywhere you look in Florida, there is colorful inspiration, and Fort Lauderdale is no exception. The Riverwalk arts & entertainment district homes many unique galleries, world-class events, entertainment, and fine dining. If ever you feel low in inspiration, just take a stroll down the street and prepare to be inspired.

Bonnet House Museum and Gardens 

This nonprofit historic estate is one of Florida’s most beautiful gems. The architecture, art, and environment are magical, and even one afternoon there can help you feel like your soul has been recharged. There is no doubt that everyone who walks in here falls just a little in love with it.

HughTaylor Birch Estate Park This self-proclaimed “urban oasis” is exactly what you’ll need from time to time to unplug from the city. For only $6 per car, you can enjoy a day of relaxation under one of the hundreds of Palms and oaks. The park is also perfect for camping, swimming, and even canoeing.

Locals love that they have a place that is so close but feels so far- making it uber easy to disconnect whenever you need to.

Fort Lauderdale Beach Park On days when you just want to enjoy the beach views but aren’t really up for hanging out in the sun, Fort Lauderdale Beach Park offers a fantastic beachside trail. Take a stroll with your family or go for a run while you feel the Florida sun in your face the ocean breeze on your skin. A walk along this trail always brings tons of feelings of gratitude.

Sawgrass Mills Mall This high-end mall is a local go-to when it comes to shopping. The mall features over 300 stores, luxury store outlets, fine dining, a movie theater, a hotel, and even entertainment. There is truly no shortage of things you can do here. Shopping at this mall is a whole experience and a full-day event.

Young Art Museum While this museum can be appreciated by anyone at any age, you’ll love bringing little ones over. The museum is full of colors, sculptures, and activities that will make any child’s day. Tip: even if you do take the little ones, make sure to participate in the activities- they are all tons of fun for adults too.

Hooray For Hollywood The 2 ½ mile Downtown Hollywood Mural project is a long stretch of curated artwork by nationally and internationally recognized artists. You can choose to stroll down the street and explore any of the boutiques, coffee shops, and murals, or you can admire them through a “fun cycle” ride or even a trolly ride.

The Wharf Fort Lauderdale Neighboring Las Olas Boulevard, The Wharf is one of Fort Lauderdale’s hottest spots. The Hamptons-inspired spot is filled with great food, music, cocktails, and atmosphere. To learn more about the Whorf and keep up with the list of events, you can even download their podcast app, where they discuss events, food, and fun.

Flamingo Gardens A combination of botanical gardens and a wildlife sanctuary, the 60-acre flamingo gardens are a dream come true for animal lovers. The sanctuary is a great place to get a long walk in, and if you keep your eye out, you may even spot other wild animals like bobcats, black bears, otters, and even a Florida panther.

While there is a long list of things to do in Fort Lauderdale, it’s safe to say that basically any list you come across will have a massive selection of coastal-like activities. Locals here basically live in bathing suits, and chances are that you’ll become used to ocean smell and that you will even become used to the humidity of the city.

We recommend investing in some great hair products, cute but comfortable walking shoes, and a whole lot of sunscreen. Other than that, we have faith that you will eventually find all the hole-in-wall places natives love to keep under wraps. We hope you enjoyed our list and we can’t wait to hear about which ones you liked best.

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