If you’re planning to move over a hundred miles, here are the top four questions to ask long-distance moving companies. You might be planning to move to another state entirely. Anyone who has gone through their own long-distance moves knows that it can be an incredibly complicated process. Without proper planning, the stress involved can easily become overwhelming. That’s why hiring professional movers can be a great help and significantly reduce your stress levels. However, before you hire long-distance movers in Florida, you will need to do some research and ask a few helpful questions. Here are four important questions to ask long-distance movers before booking them.


Do You Have a License?

The best way to ensure you are protected and receive a professional moving service is to make sure the long-distance moving company you are considering is properly registered and licensed. For moves that stay within one state, you should ask long-distance movers whether they are licensed to transport goods in that state. For interstate moves that cross state lines, you should check the long-distance moving company’s US DOT number. This license number means they are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), which is required for them to transport goods and move between states. You can double-check their registration on the FMCSA’s database.


Do You Offer Insurance Options?

Another question to ask long-distance movers is what moving insurance coverage options they offer should your items get damaged or lost. While hiring licensed and experienced movers in West Palm Beach and South Florida is a great way to get a problem-free relocation, accidents do happen. Should your items get damaged or lost during your move, your professional movers should be able to promptly compensate you. When asking about moving insurance coverage, be specific. Ask what exactly their coverage options ensure and if they have claims filed against them. If they do, ask the nature of the claims and how they were resolved.

Law requires all moving companies to offer released value protection at no additional cost. This protection guarantees $0.60 per pound per item. So, if your $300, 30-pound TV got broken, you’d only get compensated $18.

Additional insurance that guarantees full compensation can be purchased from the moving company at an added cost.


What Are Your Moving Rates?

Typically, movers will charge an hourly rate for a short local move and will charge a flat rate for a long-distance move. It is always a good idea to ask how a moving company will charge you in addition to asking for an estimate. If your movers are charging a flat rate, ask whether that rate is based on your inventory or the weight of your cargo. You also need to inquire about any additional costs because things like labor, boxes, moving supplies, and parking are often charged separately. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. The more you know upfront, the less surprising your bill will be.

When you move with Safebound Moving & Storage, we don’t hide fees from you. We’re entirely transparent about our pricing and communicate any price changes as soon as we’re aware of them.


How Long Does The Move Typically Take To Complete?

After giving a moving company a potential moving date as well as the location of your present home and new home, you can ask them how long they expect the move to take. Once you have a potential timetable, it will be easier for you to make time in your schedule for move-in and move-out. It also makes it easier for you to make any necessary special arrangements whether that involves yourself, your children, pets, or even vehicles.


Book Your Long-Distance Movers

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