Best Cities In Florida For Young Professionals

We’re going to dive into the best cities in Florida for young professionals. One of the harder but more exciting decisions you’ll face in life is the decision of where to start your life as a young professional. You did the work by either finishing your education, learning a trade, or starting your own business. Now, the question is, what part of the world gets to benefit from your skills.

Well, call us biased, but we think Florida is the perfect place to start your new professional journey. Not only is Florida an amazing place to live in general — you can’t really beat living where others vacation. But Florida is also a major metropolis and home to several great cities for starting your career. So check out the best cities in Florida if you’re a young professional.

Miami BeachMiami Beach has it all, which is why it’s one of the best cities for young professionals in Florida. With over one hundred thousand residents, the city is home to endless opportunities. Not only is there plenty of work to go around, but there are also tons of creative people you can team up with to create companies, develop apps, and even start bands with. Additionally, the nightlife is fantastic. You can find things to do here and people to meet every night of the week. How many other places do you know of that also hold that to be true?

TampaNot only is Tampa one of the safest places to live in Florida. It also makes the cut as one the best cities to live in Florida for young professionals. The city has great nightlife, quiet and safe neighborhoods, and lots of beaches. The term “work hard, play harder” could not be better for young adults living here.

St. PetersburgSitting on the edge of Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg is one of the fastest-growing cities for young professionals in Florida. It’s steadily grown as a millennial favorite since 2010, with no signs of stopping anytime soon. And while the city is expanding quickly with businesses and nightlife, the cost of living is still relatively low. So scoring a place here is still a great investment.

Palm BayAnother quickly growing city makes this list. Palm Bay is a constant contender in “highest salaries” in Florida lists. If you’re a young professional looking to earn top dollar, this is a good start. Be warned, though, the heavy traffic prevents it from landing on Florida’s safest cities lists. Your best bet is to score a job here and commute home to a safer city.

North Bay Village¬†This is a hot spot for young professionals. Maybe it is its urban vibe, its mostly liberal political climate, or its beautiful views, but this is a great place to set some roots in if you’re looking for a place to live. The city is also great if you’re a young family. The public schools are some of the highest-rated, and there is no shortage of things to do.

ParklandOne of Parkland’s best qualities is that it is constantly rated as the place with the highest average salary in Florida. The city of Parkland is an exceptionally great choice if you have a family. The suburb-like city has highly rated schools and a beautifully calm vibe.

DoralThe city of Doral is excellent for young professionals who want to live in a place with job security. The city and its surrounding cities have high employment rates, which means you have a great chance of establishing a career. Additionally, Doral has a chilled-out vibe that allows you to relax after a hard day’s work. As a plus, it’s also close enough to Miami if you’d like a night out to let out some steam.

Jacksonville Beach Jacksonville Beach is the perfect compromise between a career city and a beachside residence. The city is an excellent place for employment, nightlife, and cost of living. With that said, finding the right place to live here will take some research. While it’s mostly fabulous, some of its streets are known for being on the sketchier side.

Coral GablesWith a medium salary average of $52,000.00, it’s no wonder Coral Gables makes the cut as one of the best cities to live in Florida for young professionals. As if that’s not enough, the city is beautiful and full of life. You can do anything here. From taking long walks to appreciating nature to spending a day shopping and dining, the options are endless.

MaitlandRated one of Florida’s best places to find employment, Maitland is a great choice for young professionals. Maitland is also great for young families because of the highly-rated public schools, beautiful parks, and overall atmosphere. You’ll also love their incredible sense of community. The city is known for hosting an array of events throughout the year.

Glenvar HeightsIf you want to keep things a bit more low-key and are looking for a particularly more suburban town, this is your place. Glenvar Heights offers relaxed vibes, beautiful homes, and equally great schools. While it is also decent on the employment rate, be prepared to do a bit of commuting to bigger cities when finding a job.

As you can see, there is no shortage of places to find employment in Florida. There are several places that we could call the best cities for young professionals. You have tons of choices for employers as well as tons of settings to choose from. Your biggest challenge will be deciding what you want in your new city. If you’re looking to move, get a free quote here.

Do you want to be able to relax with your family in a nice calm suburb after a long week at work? Do you want to be able to let out some steam in the state’s best nightclubs? Or do you prefer to spend your weekends lounging by the beach with a good book and some good old fashion vitamin D? No matter what, Florida has something for you.