The Art of Moving


The Art of Moving


Your Moving, Storage & Delivery Experts

Safebound Luxury provides the best white glove moving services, including estate moves, climate-controlled storage, inventory management, receiving, delivery, staging, and installation. For years, we’ve catered to clients that require more than the average moving company.

For designers, estate managers, fashion brands, antique auction houses, architects, and more, high-end moving and storage define Safebound Luxury. We’re much more than a moving company. We’re the standard for those who exceed the norm.

Residential Relocation

From luxury condos to sprawling estates, we provide the same high-level planning and service to all projects. We come equipped with the proper tools, knowledge, and attitude to safely relocate your most valuable items to their new homes. Moving your art, furniture, and wine collections is a risky endeavor for most, but not for us.

Our reliable movers are trained to handle your beloved antiques, sculptures, mixed-media pieces, marble bathtubs, and anything else of value you need to be moved or stored.

Commercial Services

Safebound Luxury offers the services needed to bring visions to life for leaders in design, fashion, property management, and more. In business, logistics and execution determine the bottom line. No one does those two things better than Safebound. We offer receiving and warehousing services, as well as project installation, among others.

Our Luxury Story

Safebound Moving & Storage has continuously pushed the standard of moving toward a model that best benefits the client. Driven by that customer-oriented mindset, we began handling jobs that required much more than standard residential moves. Some clients needed sharper logistics or a more delicate touch.

Our work spoke for itself. We quickly grew by word of mouth and eventually realized the need for a premier moving company specializing in the top-end.

We expanded our operations and developed the Luxury branch to cater exclusively to those top-tier clients. Now, Safebound Luxury is the first option for professionals throughout Florida and the United States.

Why Safebound?

  • ☆☆☆☆ a week ago
    We were initially quoted $4,900 to pickup, store for 1 week, and deliver. The day they showed up to pickup, they DOUBLED our quote and said it would now be $9,800, even though we had gotten rid of several … More big items that were in the original quote. They tried to tell me I had 3 trucks worth of items so they had to bring in more trucks. When they delivered my items it was all on 1 truck and 1/4th of a splinter van!!! This is a Bait & Switch company. They will quote you low and then charge you more when you have no choice but to use them. In addition to that fiasco, they lost all of the 40 screws to my son's bunk bed, broke the main board to my daughter's day bed, lost the legs and screws to my dining bench, lost the screws to my dining table, broke the glass door to our TV console, and broke numerous other decor items. I tried calling and emailing for 2 weeks to get resolution to these issues and they went silent and wouldn't respond to my calls or emails. I am now filing a fraud charge with my bank against them since they did not complete the job as I paid them to reassemble my furniture items.
  • ☆☆☆☆ a month ago
    My mother and I used this company for 2 separate moves. They were both Coming from the same house and going to 2 separate locations. We received 2 quotes, one for each location that wete way underestimated. … More And at this point we believe that to be deliberate in order to win the contract from competition. We were advised when the moving truck arrived that we would need to pay $400 in cash for each of the 2 deliveries. We were never told this in advance. The trucks ended up being 4 hours late and banks were closed. Luckily at this point we got the cash from the ATM.At this point the driver walked around and looked at the 2 deliveries and gave us a price of double each of our 2 quotes.This outrageous increase in price left my mother unable to take some of her furniture. After the furniture was loaded we filled out paperwork. On the paperwork is a spot for the earliest possible delivery date. We were given a guarantee that the trucks would arrive no earlier than that guaranteed delivery date. As we were traveling a far distance to get home, We picked the following week.. At that time we were advised that we will receive a 24 hour notice as the remaining balance would need to be paid cash upon delivery of our items. None none of this happened. The truck arrived 2 days early and luckily we had just arrived back. Unable to get the items delivered to the house because it was 2 days early, I was forced to purchase a storage unit. I have tried to reach out to the company via email via phone calls and via text. I have not received a return call to date. Delivery was 5 days ago. Upon inspection we have 7 to 10 missing boxes, broken items, crushed boxes and who knows what else we will eventually find. I would not recommend this company to even the most desperate person.
  • ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Their service is UNREAL!! From beginning to end dare I say Flawless. My foreman Dauaughn, Davian and Andres helped me move from a third floor apartment with ease. They were timely and professional. They … More called me prior to arriving at 9am and once they arrived they got right to work. They broke down bed framed and blanked all my valuables. When I tell you I didn’t lift a finger… I didn’t. The entire time they were all smiles and jokes making the experience lively even in 90 degree heat. I felt so comfortable I left to my new home before they were even complete. They called me again prior to arrival and helped me organize all my boxes, assemble and place all my furniture to my liking. Please please please use this company, I would confidently recommend then to anyone!

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