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Tips on Moving with Pets

Moving can be such a stressful experience for people — just imagine how pets must feel. Watching you pack up the home they are accustomed to before relocating to a new place filled with new smells can cause anxiety for your pets just as much as it does for yourself. If you are planning a cross-country move in Palm Beach County, or are simply moving locally, our Safebound movers are here to provide you with some of the best advice for moving with pets.

Moving with Pets

Our beloved companions can feel the tension and stress prior to moving day. Moving with pets can be especially difficult if you are not prepared. We asked the best movers in West Palm Beach for some of the best tips for moving with pets and ways to reduce their stressors for a seamless moving experience.

Prepare an Overnight Bag

Before moving day, we recommend preparing an overnight bag with all of your pet’s essentials. Include in your overnight kit enough food, litter, toys, and grooming supplies to sustain your pet throughout your travels, along with being prepared for when they get to their new home. No one wants to spend precious time going through the countless moving boxes upon arrival for the things that your pet may need the first few days.

Visit Your Pets Veterinarian

When moving with pets, our Palm Beach County movers believe that this may be the most important step when relocating to a new city. If you plan on moving some distance away, be sure to let your veterinarian know, so you can take their medical records and important prescriptions that they may need. Don’t forget to ask if they have any recommendations for vets in the area you plan on moving to!

Place Them in a Quiet Place

To help stressed pets during moving day, ensure you keep them in the quietest place, away from all the moving ruckus. Check on your pet regularly and try your best to maintain their daily routine, walking and feeding them when appropriate.

At Safebound Moving, we recommend having your pet stay with a friend for a couple of hours, or even taking them to a pet daycare center if available. Completely removing them from the action is a great way to reduce stress in pets and make it an easier moving experience, where you aren’t constantly worrying about their whereabouts.

Move the House, Then Move Your Pet

Another important tip on moving with pets is keeping them secluded until it is all set and done. Arrange and unpack your home as much as possible prior to introducing them to their new home. Your pet will enjoy the comfortability of seeing familiar objects, so don’t forget to bring their favorite toys and blankets.

Moving with Safebound

Give yourself an incredible moving experience by trusting the professional movers and packers at Safebound Moving. We pride ourselves on providing superior moving solutions to exceed our client’s expectations. Our West Palm Beach moving company always keeps the best interests of our customers and their pets at the forefront.

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