Commercial Office Movers

Did you know that Safebound also offers commercial moving services? Relocating your business is an exciting time! You might have discovered a new business opportunity your feel like it’s time to upscale your company. Whatever the case may be, Safebound Moving & Storage can get your new business into your new office space before you know it. Although we’re primarily known as a residential moving company, we specialize in commercial moves as well.


South Florida’s Best Office Movers

We have the experience, equipment, and dedication to make your next office move easier and quicker than you ever thought possible. We understand how crucial it is to minimize downtime when you’re running a business. You don’t want to lose any potential profit, and your employees don’t want their hours cut short. That’s why our office movers are some of the most efficient in the commercial moving business. When it comes to moving your office, our trusted South Florida moving company is the one to call.

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Efficiency & Safety

When a business decides to move to another location, the reason is almost always profit-driven. Nothing kills profits quite like an absurd amount of downtime. To minimize downtime, our office movers in South Florida do everything in their power to make your office move as quickly as possible.

Our commercial movers are expert packers – especially when it comes to company IT equipment, desks, and lobby décor. They load everything into our state-of-the-art moving trucks, carefully placing everything in a manner that nothing shifts while in transit. Once they’re at the new office location, all you have to do is direct the movers on where to place everything.

However, just because we can get your office packed, moved, and set back up quickly doesn’t mean we sacrifice any of our high safety standards. We place the safety of your company’s property at the forefront of our minds. We will handle your company’s computers, desks, and lobby furniture with the utmost care every step of the way.


Custom Moving Plans

Our commercial moving consultants at Safebound Moving & Storage make themselves well acquainted with your company before our movers head to your location. We take this approach with all our moving jobs, no matter how big or small. Even if we’re moving a small apartment for one person across the street, we learn everything we possibly can about the job so we can execute it flawlessly. We bring that approach to your office move.

To start, we do a thorough inventory of everything you’d like to bring to your new office location. We take note of monitors, desks, chairs, sofas, and everything else that’s going. Then, we create a one-of-a-kind moving schedule to ensure we complete your move smoothly and efficiently. In some situations, we do our best to accommodate evening and weekend hours. Remember, we know how important it is to minimize downtime. If we can get the job done well without interrupting your business, we’ll get it done. Again, we only make this happen if we can guarantee a top-quality job. We don’t compromise safety or quality for the sake of efficiency.

We take all of those things and more into account when we create a custom moving plan for your office. Our moving consultants have plenty of experience moving offices, so you’ll be in good hands. If this is your first office move and you aren’t entirely confident, Safebound Moving & Storage is the ideal commercial moving company to help you. Our consultants take the time to get to know your business, and our movers handle all of your company’s belongings with care and caution.


Short & Long-Distance Office Moves

Our primary service areas are in South Florida, particularly Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin counties. However, we are happy to service long-distance moves across the state or even across state lines.

Our short-distance commercial movers are professional movers familiar with South Florida. These short-distance moves might not seem like a big deal, but they shouldn’t be taken any less seriously than long-distance moves. That’s why our short-distance office movers provide all the same care and strive for the same customer satisfaction as they would with long-distance moves.

These short-distance moves are any move under 100 miles. Our short-distance office movers are often from the area, so they’re familiar with the locations you’re moving to or from. Our drivers know how to navigate traffic to get our moving trucks in and out of the business and downtown areas safely and smoothly. The Florida weather is extremely unpredictable, so our movers arrive at every job prepared for whatever is in store for them that day. They show up with tarps, rain-runners, and other equipment to ensure your company’s belongings and the office doesn’t get wet or damaged. You can always check the weather at

Our long-distance office movers handle any commercial move greater than 100 miles. These crews have plenty of experience moving businesses and families several hundred or thousands of miles away. They know that the long-distance moving experience can be overwhelming for even the most competent business owners. That’s why they do everything in their power to take some of the stress off your shoulders. Our moving consultants will have your personalized moving plan detailed down to the last pen by the time moving day rolls around. Our team of consultants and movers always goes the extra mile to ensure your long-distance business move is as stress-free as possible.

For those long-distance moves, we offer dedicated carrier services. A dedicated carrier means your belongings never switch hands throughout the move. Some moving companies, especially brokerages, opt to change trucks, crews, and even companies halfway through the long-distance move. With dedicated carriers, your belongings stay with one team of movers and one truck throughout the entire move. Furthermore, all of our trucks are tracked by GPS. You can call our office at any point, and our team of dedicated customer service representatives will be able to tell you exactly where your belongings are.


Office Moving Tips

Moving an office can be a daunting task for any business owner or manager. There are a lot of moving parts and countless things that can go wrong. We’ve been in the business of moving companies for several years. Over that time, we’ve moved quite a few offices and learned something new from each of them. Here are a few tips that can help any business owner or manager move their office.

Appoint a Moving Manager

As the owner or manager of a company, your days are likely consumed with various day-to-day tasks. Moving is a massive project that is enough to constitute one job. With that in mind, you should consider appointing one highly competent employee to handle the office move.

Use your best judgment to decide how much you feel that employee can handle. Even if all that employee does is take a thorough inventory of everything that has to go, you’ll save yourself an entire day or two of work. However, if you have someone in mind that you feel can handle the liaison between your company and the moving company and other various moving tasks, don’t be afraid to trust that person. It’ll save you a lot of time and stress over the weeks leading up to the move.


Prioritize Communication

Communication is critical during an office move. We’re talking about communication among all business relationships; everybody needs to know the plan. When are you moving, and where are you moving?

Your employees should be some of the first to know. The last thing you want is an office rumor swirling around. Not only can this create fear for job security, but it damages the trust built between employee and employer. It’s a bad look, all-around.

Secondly, you need to let all business partners know of your plans. Nothing sounds like a lousy partner than significant changes without warning.

Lastly, your customers need to know. If your office has regular clients, they need to know that they’ll either have a longer (or shorter) drive or that they’ll need to find a new provider for the particular service or product.


Plan Far in Advance

This goes for every move, no matter the type of move or the distance. The level of stress in a move is directly proportional to the level of preparedness. The farther ahead you begin planning, the smoother things go. This principle applies to most things in life, but especially major projects like moving an entire office. For residential moves, we recommend locking in a moving date about two months in advance. For commercial moves, we recommend as far as three months ahead.


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Moving your business is exciting, but you need an experienced moving company on your side to make a move smooth and successful. Safebound Moving & Storage has the expertise, equipment, and dedication to make your next office move easier than you ever could’ve imagined. We prioritize safety and efficiency. We’ll get your office back up and running before you know it, and we’ll do it safely. Give us a call or contact us to get started with your office move!