Dedicated Transportation Services & Carriers

Moving long-distance, especially if you are moving out of state, is a complicated process. The logistics of completing a successful interstate move can easily overwhelm.

Here’s the good news: Safebound Moving & Storage offers dedicated transportation services to give customers peace of mind. Interested in our dedicated moving services for your next move?

What is Dedicated Service?

When a moving company offers dedicated transportation services, sometimes called dedicated carrier services, it means one team will be solely responsible for your relocation and a moving truck(s) will be dedicated to transporting your items only. At Safebound Moving & Storage, our long-distance movers in Florida don’t wait until a truck is full before getting on the road.

Once the dedicated moving truck with your items inside is on the road, we do not make stops to pick up other customers’ belongings along the way. With our dedicated transportation services in West Palm Beach, we assign one moving truck and one team of movers in South Florida per customer.

Dedicated Transportation Services & Carriers

Benefits of Dedicated Transportation Services

to get your items to their designated destination. In some scenarios, one moving company will be responsible for packing up your household and bringing it to a warehouse. There your items will be loaded into a larger truck. Once that truck is fully loaded with items from multiple customers, a second moving company might be responsible for transporting your items to your new place.

With dedicated transportation services, also known as dedicated carrier services, all those middlemen and extra steps are removed. With Safebound Moving & Storage, our dedicated movers arrive at your place, pack up your belongings and load them into an appropriately sized truck. They will then drive that truck and deliver your items directly to your new home or office. This dedicated service approach has many benefits including:

  • Faster delivery
  • Cuts out middlemen
  • Eliminates shuttle fees
  • Avoids reloading of trucks
  • Decreases chances of damages or loss
  • Consistent customer service

Book Our Dedicated Moving Company

Enlist the professional expertise of Safebound Moving & Storage to take advantage of our dedicated transportation services. With our moving company in West Palm Beach, there are no middlemen, no shuttle fees, and no delivery delays. Enjoy exceptional customer service throughout the entire moving process from our experienced and dedicated movers. Contact us or call us at (844) 868-5358 today to receive your free estimate and get started on your moving journey!