Packing is probably the most time-consuming part of any move. Almost any moving company in South Florida will tell you that one of the first questions customers ask is how they should start packing before their scheduled moving date. One of the most, if not the most important house packing tip is to start packing as soon as you can. Starting the packing process early allows you to pack up everything without having to deal with the high stress that comes with a time crunch. That leads us to another one of our best packing tips for moving, prioritize properly. Read on to learn more expert packing strategies for your big move.

Reserve an Area for Your Moving Boxes

To avoid throwing your home into chaos, designate one room or area for your packed boxes. If you have a spare guest room or garage, use that space to store your moving boxes after they’ve been packed and sealed. This house packing tip allows you to navigate your home without obstacles and makes it easier for your local movers in West Palm Beach when pickup day arrives.

Pack Rarely-Used Items First

It is hard to justify packing up your home ahead of time if you are still living there. You don’t want to pack up something you may need to use before moving out. To avoid that headache, sort through your stuff and pack the items you rarely use first. If you haven’t used a particular item in over a year, consider donating it instead of putting it into a box. Pack the items you use every day last, either right before or on your move-out date.

Sort Out and Prioritize Off-Season Items

In a similar vein to the previous house packing tip, prioritize packing seasonal items that are no longer in season. For a summer move, bulky winter clothes should be some of the first things to go into a box. Unnecessary lawn equipment can also be packed first. Whatever seasonal items you don’t need before your move should be prioritized.

Leave Difficult to Pack Items to the Professionals

You will need a plan for delicate items, expensive artwork, pianos, or anything that will be difficult to pack and load into a moving truck. Many of these items require special packing techniques and materials in order to stay protected while in transit. For the best results, you can rely on the professional expertise of our local and long-distance movers in West Palm Beach. We have experience moving pianos, artwork, delicate furniture, and other challenging items.

Call Safebound Moving & Storage

With the help of our Palm Beach County movers, you can avoid the time-consuming step of packing by yourself. Enjoy a stress-free moving experience with the best South Florida moving company – Safebound Moving & storage. Contact us today for a free estimate.