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Long Distance Movers West Palm Beach

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We are certified to complete long-distance moves anywhere in Florida and the rest of the country. We are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to complete interstate moves across state lines. Our license numbers are on all our moving trucks:

  • • US DOT: 2900155
  • • MC: 975408
  • • FL: IM2839

Having a certified moving company like our West Palm Beach team when moving long distances should be one of your top priorities.

For one, a long-distance move is usually much more complicated than your typical local move. It requires more planning and takes a lot more time to complete.

But more importantly, having a certified moving company is the responsible thing to do. Hiring an uncertified company or hiring people from websites like Craigslist can cost you a lot more than hiring a reputable company.

By hiring an unprofessional moving company, you open yourself up to scams (you run the risk of having your belongings stolen). Even if the movers you hire are not scammers, you still risk other issues. If for whatever reason, something goes wrong and your possessions are lost or damaged, you may have no way of replacing them.

Companies that don’t take the time or meet the requirements to be certified typically don’t provide contracts or insurance for lost or damaged possessions. So you essentially end up paying a ton of money and still have to deal with the stress of hoping nothing goes wrong.

If you will be investing in long-distance movers, invest in a company that will provide you complete peace of mind and quality work.

If your next move is more than 100 miles, leave it to our long-distance movers in West Palm Beach. We will guide you through the entire process, from initial preparation all the way to final delivery.

long distance movers west palm

Customized Long-Distance Moving Services

There are more perks than the peace of mind that comes with hiring a reputable and certified company. Long gone are the days when long-distance moves were stressful and scary. It used to be that long-distance moves took months to execute.

You used to have to worry about packing and securing your belongings for a long trip. Dealing with paperwork for car transportation, and not to mention the fear of driving around a town you don’t even know.

Today, you can Yelp restaurants near your new home, join apps like Nextdoor to meet your neighbors ahead of time, and hire professional long-distance moving company to handle everything from the packing to the driving to the cleaning. Our experienced long distance movers in West Palm Beach will tailor your long-distance relocation to handle any specific needs.

You can tailor your moving experience to handle as much (or as little) as you want.

We deliver excellent moving and storage services to ensure hassle-free experiences and customer satisfaction. Since the beginning of our family-owned moving company in Palm Beach County, we have helped numerous families settle down across the nation with our specialized long-distance moving services.

What Our Long-Distance Movers In West Palm Beach Can Offer

A long-distance move is a significant time commitment. The planning stage needs to address numerous factors to ensure an effortless process once the move-out date comes around. To keep everything simple and easy, rely on the professional expertise of our long-distance movers in South Florida.

Instead of taking time out of your busy schedule, allow long distance movers in west palm beach, to complete every step of your relocation. Our Palm Beach County movers deliver hassle-free long-distance or interstate moves by providing a full roster of relocation services.

Some of our most popular long distance moving services include:

Packing & Unpacking

Long gone are when moving companies move your things from your old place to the new one. If your moving company is not providing you with the choice to pack (and unpack) your items, you need a new moving company.

We have got the art of packing down to a science. We know exactly how to strategically pack everything to keep it safe for travel and moving. Keeping your belongings safe and damage-free throughout the moving process is the top priority.

This is one of the most requested services for a reason. The process of packing and unpacking can take some people months to complete in total. Between the initial process and the delay and procrastination of unpacking, they end up adding a lot more stress to their more than they have to.

Our long-distance movers in West Palm Beach deliver professional packing services using high-quality supplies and equipment. We have a foolproof way of ensuring everything is packed in the most efficient way possible. That’s why you can trust us to handle all your packing and unpacking needs.

Modern Equipment

Each of our experienced and certified moving crews is equipped with new and advanced tools to ensure every move is made quickly and safely. Industry-standard packing materials and state-of-the-art equipment make packing, loading, unloading, and all other steps of the process smoother and more reliable.

If you think this sounds like a fancy, unnecessary add-on, think again. Moving is a risky activity for anyone. You have to deal with carrying heavy furniture and driving with it, all while trying not to break it.

The modern equipment is essential to keeping our movers safe and ensuring your belongings are handled with the utmost care.

Investing in the right tools is just another way we show our respect for your time and possessions while also ensuring the safety of our movers.

Trustworthy Auto Transport

When moving long-distance, it’s not always possible to drive your car over to your new home. No matter what part of the nation you are relocating to, we have a trusted fleet of auto transportation carriers that will relocate your vehicles to your new home.

Our process is painless and straightforward, so getting your car(s) to your new home is no inconvenience at all.

Convenience Services

One of the most amazing features of hiring Safebound movers is asking for convenience services. In addition to ensuring we get your things safely and on time to your new house, we can also help you with a number of things to make it feel like home.

Do you wish you could show up to your new house, relax and catch up on your favorite Netflix show? Just opt to have us set up your home theatre system. Don’t want to deal with debris pick-up? We can do it for you. Need someone to help you clean? We have got you covered.

But we don’t stop there. Ask us about any other odd jobs we can help with to make your moving experience an enjoyable one.

Really! We want to ensure moving day is as convenient and as stress-free as possible. If there is anything you need help with, let us know.


Sometimes, it’s just not feasible to travel long distance with all your belongings. Maybe your new home isn’t ready yet, or you’re in between homes. Whatever it is, we have you covered. We offer several short-term and long-term storage options for furniture, household goods, equipment, and records at our secure and fully monitored facility.

You can rest easy knowing your things are in good hands. We will keep them safe for you until you are ready to take them home.

Beyond the Services

Of course, there is a lot more to working with a reputable company than the services it provides and the qualifications it has. A reputable company also has to have integrity. You have to be able to trust them.

You are, after all, taking a massive leap of faith in giving them full access to your entire life. You provide them with access to your home, to your belongings, and to your family.

Trusting your moving company is essential when choosing to work with them. 

That’s why we do our part to show you we can be trusted. We go beyond offering exceptional service to make you feel at ease. From the initial consultation to the very end of the moving process, we make sure you are at the forefront and aware of every single move we make.

Some things you can expect from us:

Handle claims promptly and fairly.

If anything should get you excited about hiring a reputable moving company- it should be this. While you have the assurance of knowing we are complete professionals that know exactly what we are doing- accidents may still happen.

Should anything go sideways during the move, we have procedures in place to help you handle your claim. We pride ourselves in our integrity, so you can rest assured that any mishaps will be dealt with quickly and fairly.

There is nothing better than feeling safe. Knowing that you have a reputable company handling your belongings is great. Knowing that there is a safety net around any other possibilities is priceless.

Your belongings are safe with Safebound. We give you everything you need to have peace of mind. From an initial contract to moving insurance and deep communication all along the way, we can ensure that you are covered in every scenario.

Find ways to help each customer minimize the cost of their move. 

At Safebound moving, we know that hiring movers is a significant investment. In fact, we know that price is often the reason people opt to hire unprofessional movers or opt to do it themselves.

That is why we work with you to create the most realistic and practical plan that fits your needs. We will never try to push extra services or fees on you that we know you don’t need.

We encourage you to look through our website and check out our services. But don’t stop there. Research other companies and look up reviews and moving threads.

Think about what is best for you. If you know you will be paralyzed by the anxiety of packing and unpacking- let us help you with that.

Once you determine your budget and your non-negotiables, we can come up with a plan that fits your needs and makes you feel comfortable and relieved.

And even if you decide, professional movers are not for you, feel free to browse through our website and check out some of our best tips for handling a DYI move safely and effectively.

Remain flexible and attentive to each customer’s needs before the move.

There is nothing worse than feeling out of the loop or helpless during your own move. We’ve heard too many horror stories of clients not having communication with their movers.

At Safebound, we take a lot of pride in ensuring we bring peace to your moving experience. That’s why we hold your hand throughout the whole process. We prepare for the move way ahead of time and help you do the same to ensure the smoothest move possible.

Moving days are usually full of surprises. But don’t worry- we get this all the time. We assure you that we have successfully made hundreds of moves and, we have come just across almost every type of “moving surprise” out there. If there is anything you are particularly nervous about, let us know, and we will walk you through how to handle (or how we will) handle that situation.

We will also communicate throughout the whole process and have our foolproof method of ensuring everything is done quickly and efficiently. Don’t be afraid to come to us with even the most minor details.

We respect you.

Not only do we appreciate your business, but we also respect it.

That’s why we treat your home and possessions with a high level of care. Rest assured that we have strict and foolproof procedures in place to ensure your home and possessions survive the move damage-free. Our movers are trained to maneuver even the smallest of spaces with delicate care.

You are investing a significant amount of money and trust in us, and we take that level of commitment very seriously. All of our movers are trained on the logistics of moving and the importance of doing things right. We prepare well in advance to meet timelines without having to rush the process.

We take special care to ensure we arrive with your equipment clean and in mint condition. We work hard to ensure you don’t have to spend your moving day doing any extras. So we always allow extra time for superior quality control.

Our Long Distance Movers In West Palm Beach Follow Up

While you will often see movers dropping off stuff and moving along, at Safebound, we like to check in during the whole process. We like to ensure that our service was up to par and that you are completely satisfied with the move.

The move is not over once your belongings are in your new home. Your move is over when you feel at ease. That’s why we follow up with you and ensure there are no loose ends to take care of.

We want you to feel completely satisfied with the move. We will check in with you to ensure that nothing is missing or damaged. If there is anything that we can do to complete your move, don’t be afraid to communicate with us.

The Best Long-Distance Movers in West Palm

Long-distance moves can feel nerve-wracking and draining for even the veteran mover. And when you don’t have the right team around you, moving can almost feel soul-draining.

Trying to handle a move by yourself can make you lose months of your time. Between the planning, the packing, and the inevitable sidetracking, moving can become a tedious process.

That’s why at Safebound Moving, we’ve made it our mission to get rid of that stigma. With us, you can count on having access to the most excellent moving experience.

From the state-of-the-art equipment we use to move your belongings to the planning we put into every single one of our moves- we make sure that every single aspect of your move goes by seamlessly.

We want you to plan to get to know your new hometown and not worry about unpacking for months.

Don’t spend a single minute stressing about moving. We have absolutely everything you need to ensure a safe and successful move. Our confident and reliable South Florida local movers are knowledgeable enough to tackle any situation.

Get in touch with us to discuss your needs. We can go over your moving needs and budget and decide what plan works best for you.

And rest assured that even if you don’t go for all the bells and whistles, we are happy to answer any questions to help you plan your move.

The process of long-distance moving is different from any other sort of move. Understanding transport regulations and making comprehensive arrangements make the long-distance moves, especially interstate moves, more challenging than usual.

At Safebound Moving & Storage, our long-distance movers in West Palm Beach are more than ready to take on the challenge! Contact us for a FREE estimate.