Commercial Services


Commercial Services


Logistics For Businesses

In business, logistics and execution determine the bottom line. No one does those two things better than Safebound. We have the expertise, equipment, and commitment to make your business run smoothly.

We’d love to meet with you and talk about how Safebound can help you with your warehousing logistics, installation, on-demand delivery, and complete business relocation.

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Our clean, secure, climate-controlled warehouse facilities are well suited to receive a single box or multiple containers. We communicate directly with clients, so we know what to expect before it arrives at our dock. We act on your behalf and process any freight claims for your project items.

After receiving your order, we thoroughly inspect it for any damage, faults, or missing parts or pieces. We enter the information into our cutting-edge inventory management software.

You can schedule deliveries within our software. We deliver anything anywhere at any time. We use different-sized trucks for different jobs. From sprinter vans to semi-trucks, we deliver your items in a fashion that best fits your needs. And we always guarantee a safe and efficient delivery.

Project Installation

For all of your seasonal installations, look no further than Safebound to get the job done quickly and correctly. We work closely with designers, architects, and project managers for some of the most prestigious names in fashion and retail to help them bring beautiful spaces to life.

Whether it’s furniture, artwork, or décor – these items require a delicate touch. Our standard is efficient and damage-free, so we only hire professional, experienced movers who undergo extensive training. They’re reliable, honest, and competent.

Real Estate

Safebound Luxury also offers complete relocation services through partnerships we have with local realtors. From selling your home to moving into a new one, we aim to provide a simplified, all-in-one moving experience.

Our business is oriented toward making your relocation as easy and stress-free as possible. This complete beginning-to-end service takes all of the work out of your hands. Buying and selling your home can be as simple as utilizing Safebound Luxury. The local realtors we partner with help you find a new home and sell your old one.

When your new house is ready, we seamlessly transfer all your belongings. From start to finish, you won’t have to lift a finger when you move with us.

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