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Miami Beach Movers

Professional Miami Beach Movers

Our professional Miami Beach movers are the movers to call if you’re ready to move to South Florida or if you’re ready to explore elsewhere! We offer short and long-distance moving services for individuals, families, and businesses all across the United States. With Safebound Moving & Storage, we put your peace of mind at the top of our priorities. We guarantee a safe, easy, and stress-free move when you move with us. So give us a call or contact us today to get started with a free moving quote!

  • Local: 561-510-7191
  • Long Distance: 855-944-0237

Why Move to Miami Beach?

Miami Beach is a world-renowned travel destination. So why not make it your home? Who wouldn’t want to live where everyone else wishes they could live? Miami Beach truly is what you see in the movies. It’s an island paradise. On one side, you have the Atlantic Ocean and white-sand beaches. On the other, you have the vastness of Miami to explore. Even in the town itself, there’s plenty to investigate. Spend a day admiring the architecture in the Art Deco Historic District. And it’ll take a while before you get through all of the extravagant dining options!

Why Hire Local Movers?

At our local Miami Beach moving company, we’re committed to convincing you that moving can be simple and easy. Don’t be that guy who enlists a few friends to perform a flawless move. It’ll only result in frustration, broken belongings, and hurt backs. While you do have to pay a bit to hire a moving company, a good way to look at it is like an investment. It’s an investment in your property and your sanity.

When you try to move with a few pals, furniture gets broken, art gets damaged, and muscles are left bruised and sore. And you lose a couple of days. However, when you move with a local professional moving company like Safebound Moving & Storage, nothing gets broken and you’re settled in your new home before you know it.

We caution everyone reading this article to do research on the company they’re considering hiring for their next move. Moving is an oversaturated industry in South Florida, and there are plenty of scam companies out there who would be glad to take your money and run. There are a few ways to avoid this. First, you can read plenty of reviews online. Some companies change their name every few weeks or months to escape bad reviews. You can also check the Better Business Bureau to learn about a company’s reputation. You also want to check the Department of Transportation’s database to confirm their DOT number.

With Safebound Moving and Storage, you don’t have to worry about any of that. We have plenty of fantastic reviews you can find on our website and other review websites. We’ve got an excellent reputation on the Better Business Bureau website. And we’re registered with the appropriate entities and you can find our DOT registration on their website.

Local Miami Beach Movers

Whatever your next move looks like, our Miami Beach movers are the guys to call for your residential and business moving needs. Safebound Moving & Storage is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. That means we’re licensed to handle any move, near or far. You can find our DOT number (2900155) on all of our moving trucks.

All moves less than 100 miles are safe in the hands of our reliable Miami Beach movers. These guys can get you from the second floor to the sixth floor, a few streets down, across town, or a few cities over. Our short-distance Miami Beach movers are often locals themselves, so they have the edge over other movers. They think about the minor factors that other movers neglect. For example, we think about the irregular weather developments in South Florida. One moment, it’s all sunshine, and the next is a downpour. Our movers deal with this all the time. With rain runners, tarps, and other equipment, they keep your property and home dry and damage-free. Our drivers are also familiar with traffic patterns, so they know how to get your belongings from Point A to Point B without you fretting about their safety in transit.

Long-Distance Movers

For moves greater than 100 miles, our professional long-distance Miami Beach movers will get the job done right. That means they’ll go above and beyond to ensure your move is as safe as possible and as efficient as possible. These big moves are scary, so we promise we’ll get your belongings to your new home damage-free. All of our moving trucks are GPS-tracked, so you’ll know where your stuff is while it’s in transit. At any time, you can give our customer service representatives a call and they’ll let you know where your stuff is. So call or contact us today to get started with a stress-free move!

Residential Movers

Our residential movers in Miami Beach are trained to move nearly any type of home imaginable. And, because we’ve been around for several years, most of our movers are experts at moving even the most challenging homes. They’ve worked in everything from small apartments to mansions to high-rise condos to beach houses. If you can live in it, we can move it! So don’t be that one friend who recruits the gang and tries to move everything with a U-Haul only to frustrate the family and break things along the way. Instead, hire the professionals who can easily get you in and out of houses. So give us a call or contact us today to get started with a free moving quote!

Commercial Movers

Our reliable commercial movers in Miami Beach are your solution if you’re looking to relocate your business. We can move everything from small home offices to large local branches. We’re fast and efficient to make sure your company experiences as limited downtime as possible. We recognize how important your business is to the livelihood of you and your employees. Your company will be back in business before you know it! While our movers are fast, they don’t cut corners or skip crucial actions for the sake of cutting down the moving time. Safety always comes first. We guarantee a damage-free move for any type of office or company relocation.

Storage Solutions

All too often, we have clients who realize they need to put some things in storage at the last minute. They realize some antique furniture doesn’t have a place in the new home or they want to hold on to some things before getting rid of them. Whatever the case, we offer affordable short and long-term storage solutions. Our warehouse is climate-controlled so your belongings will be safe from rain, heat, and humidity. The warehouse is also secured by high-definition CCTV cameras and round-the-clock security personnel. So when you trust us to store your things, they’ll be safe under our roof.

Auto Transport

We see many clients moving long distances that end up needing to ship their vehicles to their new homes. After all, not many people find joy in driving several cars a few hundred or thousand miles away in a short period of time. Shipping those vehicles is a pretty logical choice. Unfortunately, it’s a somewhat complicated process. There’s a lot of paperwork and regulations to work through. That’s why we have a professional auto transport team ready to walk you through the process. They’ll make sure you understand every step of the process. Additionally, we only partner with reliable auto carriers who put safety first, so your vehicles will arrive without a scratch.

Junk Removal

We also offer junk removal services in the South Florida area. If you recently finished a home DIY project, you might have some junk lying around that needs to go. We’ve come across clients who just had a major renovation in the kitchen or bathroom and have debris strewn across their home that they need cleaned up. We’ve also helped clients clean up their yards after an intense landscaping project. Whatever you need help with, we can likely get your home or yard looking the way you imagined. However, there is some stuff we can’t take, so be sure to give us a call to find out how we can help!

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When you’re ready to move, Safebound Moving & Storage is the company that will get you where you want to go. We’ve got the experience, equipment, and professionalism to make your move a completely stress-free experience. We offer short and long-distance moving services to individuals, families, and companies. We’ve been in business since 2016 and have an excellent reputation that we uphold with every job. With our specialty services such a furniture assembly and home theater set up, you really won’t have to lift a finger. So why not chase your dreams and make the move to one of the hottest spots in South Florida, Miami Beach! Give us a call or contact us today to get started with your stress-free move!