Moving Across The Country

moving across the country

Moving Across The Country

Are you planning on moving across the country? Whether you’re moving out of Florida or moving to Florida, it’s finally happening. Life is taking you to a completely different state, maybe even across the country? You’re changing your home, your job, and your friends. You’ve taken the leap, and now you just have to figure out exactly what that entails. Exactly how does one move across states?

Relax. We know it may sound overwhelming, even intimidating, to make such a big move, but you’re not alone. Thousands of people move across the country every year, and more often than not, their move is not nearly as scary as they thought it would be. With a bit of planning and a lot of communicating, your out-of-state move will be the perfect start to your new beginning.

Check out our list of everything you need to know before your big move.

Start with research. The thing about such a big move is that it requires even a bigger amount of research. Depending on how much time you have before the move, you’ll have to start your research ASAP. If you are hiring a professional moving company, you’ll have to start researching:

You’ll have to make a list of the most important things to you and then work your way through the companies you’re researching by process of elimination.

Budget. One of the first things you want to establish before anything is your budget. You want to ask yourself questions like:

  • What’s a realistic amount I can personally invest in this move?
  • Can I/should I go into debt during this move?
  • Will my job be helping with my move?
  • Are there ways I can save money? (e.g., some moving companies offer discounts if you pay cash)
  • Can I start saving money for my move now?
  • Is any part of my move tax-deductible?

Having a set budget in place will force you to be extra careful about your moving expenses. You really don’t want to start your new life stressed out about your financial situation.

DIY Move? DIY’ing your own move across the country can save you a ton of money. Of course, the trade-off is that you’ll have to do all the heavy lifting yourself. With that said, it’s not unheard of for people to rent their own trailers (or even trucks) and to drive across-country themselves. Some factors to include in your DIY move include:

  • Insurance for the truck rental
  • Gas
  • Tolls
  • Rental Fees
  • The difficulty of loading and unloading
  • Hours driving
  • Road Conditions
  • Weather conditions

Lighten the Load. When moving so far away, it’s typically recommended to purge as much as you can. Not only will purging give you fewer things to stress about, but it can significantly reduce the price of your moving bill. You can go as far as selling you more oversized furniture items, which can either help you pay for the move or buy you new furniture at your new place.

Shipping. It’s not unheard of for people relocating out of state to rent shipping containers and basically mail their things to their new home. There are too many factors to consider for this one, and you would definitely have some limitations. Still, it’s worth looking into if hiring a professional moving company is completely out of the question.

Be prepared for a lot of changing factors. There are many balls to juggle when you are moving out of state. Thus you must mentally prepare for at least a few “plot twists” during the move. For example, suppose you hire a moving company. In that case, it’s not uncommon for the final bill to be a bit higher than initially quoted. Many people severely underestimate their belongings’ weight. They assume a certain weight and base the price on their estimate. When the actual weight of all their belongings is determined during the move, they’re surprised to find out it’s a lot higher than they thought.

Get obsessive about contracts. No matter what options you end up going with, chances are you’ll have a few contracts to deal with. We know it might seem like a pain, but you must always thoroughly review your contracts in order for you to avoid any big surprises.

Every contract, from a moving company to a car rental, should be carefully reviewed. You might be surprised to find that you are strongly opposed to any terms of a contract, but if you wait until after you sign it, you’ll be deeply out of luck If anything goes wrong.

Don’t stress out too much. Many people each year end up in tears or having literal panic attacks over a move. This does not have to be you. The idea of moving and the work it takes to move can seem overwhelming. However, if you follow these tips and take them one step at a time, chances are that everything will run smoothly (as it usually does).

Final Words

We know that moving across the country can be challenging, and coordinating an out-of-state move may seem like a near-impossible task. But if you remember anything from this article, remember this: prioritize your needs. All you have to do for a successful move is make a list of your most essential needs.

We are fortunate enough to live in a day and age where we have almost every type of service available with the touch of our thumbs. Take advantage of that by deciding what your needs are, determining what you can work with, and then taking it from there.

We hope your move is as great as It can be. For tips on how to pack and things most people forget about on moving day, check out our other blogs.

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