Table of contents:

  1. Westchase
  2. Fish Hawk
  3. Keystone
  4. Pebble Creek
  5. Northdale
  6. Lutz
  7. Citrus Park
  8. Where will you go?

The Tampa area’s cost of living has greatly increased in the last decade. Homes cost more money. Rent increased. The cost of gas and groceries has increased. Assessing the suburbs is one technique to make a little amount of savings. You save money and avoid the craziness of the city while getting a bit more for your money. By no means are any of the suburbs in the Tampa region on this list inexpensive. However, Safebound has compiled this list of the best suburbs in Tampa that give you the most value for your dollar.


Living in Westchase gives one the impression that they are nestled away in a beautiful area of Hillsborough County. You’ll be surrounded by old oak trees on terrain that is littered with lakes and ponds.

The neotraditionally styled restaurants, bars, and quirky stores of the West Park Village retail district are pedestrian-friendly and densely inhabited, evoking the mixed-use town centers of early America. Additionally, you can reach supermarkets, well-known restaurants, pharmacies, and all the other conveniences you require quickly from the Westchase communities.

The cost of a home may be as low as $200K in some of the more established, older communities and as high as $800K or more in more affluent regions. With a typical price point of roughly $1,500 per month, Westchase also provides a wide range of rental options, including studio apartments, resort-style townhouses, and single-family rental homes.

With two schools located inside the neighborhood—Westchase Elementary and Davidsen Middle School—Westchase provides some of the highest-rated educational opportunities in the Tampa Bay area (more on that later).

Fish Hawk

About 24 miles to the southeast of Tampa is the wealthy suburb of Fish Hawk. It’s a fantastic area for families, seniors, and anybody who enjoys being active, with plenty of outdoor activity and stunning scenery around!

What’s up with that name? The charming Alfia River and the master-built FishHawk Ranch development feature multiple communities and offer various living choices. Fish Hawk was once a forested region with a wildlife habitat through which a rail track traveled. It wasn’t until the 1990s, when FishHawk Ranch and FishHawk Trails were established, that Fish Hawk was properly developed. Fish Hawk is currently one of Tampa’s most coveted suburbs and the region’s largest “green” neighborhood.

Fish Hawk’s typical home costs $384,000, or $151 per square foot, on average. Although there are numerous bespoke and luxury homes costing above $1 million, it might be challenging to locate homes for around $200,000.


Tampa’s suburb of Keystone has a population of 25,377. This city is among the greatest locations to live in Florida and is located in Hillsborough County. Most people in Keystone own their houses, giving the community a rural vibe. There are several parks in Keystone. It’s also home to many families and has a conservative demographic. High praise is given to the public schools in the area.

Pebble Creek

This location is home to a little over 11,000 residents. It’s considered one of the nicest locations to live in Florida and is located in Hillsborough County. Residents of Pebble Creek enjoy a minimal suburban vibe, and the majority own their houses.

There are plenty of parks in the area, making the city home to lots of families. Pebble Creek also has a large population of young professionals, and people there often have moderate political views. Pebble Creek’s public schools are better than average. Traffic tends to be the only complaint from locals.


The neighborhood of Northdale is known as a very safe area of Tampa. Home to 23,510 residents spread out over 8.1 miles, the population density is almost 2,900 per square mile. Here, the median age is 40.2, which is a bit below the average for Florida. Northdale’s median household income, which is $78,5117, is nearly 1.4 times greater than Florida’s average household income of $55,660.

Schools in Tampa have many similarities to those at work, and the Hillsborough County School District will be your school district. This is advantageous because many of the local schools are well-regarded and in great demand. Some notable nearby schools include Brooks Debartolo Collegiate High School, Steinbrenner High School, which is ranked as the 45th best in Florida, and Williams Middle Magnet School. You may be confident that while you live in Northdale, your kid will prosper!


Lutz’s cost of living is 4% less than the national average, which will come as a welcome surprise to anybody considering relocating there. Particularly housing is 14% less expensive than the US average, but Florida’s average house price of $196,800 is still 1.4 times more at $282,400. You should expect to pay 16% more than normal for utilities and 6% more than usual for transportation.

It should go without saying that you won’t have to worry about snow around here as Lutz is right in the center of the west coast of Florida!

Citrus Park

Citrus is home to several entertainment parks and attractions, but few are as well-known as Big Cat Rescue, which was the subject of the well-liked Tiger King Netflix miniseries. The big cat sanctuary at the rescue center offers informative tours and up-close encounters with remarkable animals like lions and tigers.

There is a small chance of encountering crime in Citrus Park, where the crime rate is 4% higher than the national average. In Citrus Park, annual crime has decreased by an average of 5% throughout the years.

Where will you go?

When you’re ready to make your move to one of these suburbs of Tampa, give us a call! Our professional movers will get you wherever you want to go!