Pros & Cons Of Hiring Movers

In this article, we dive into some of the pros & cons of hiring movers. The day you find out that you are moving is like the first day of school or work. You are motivated, determined, and ready to tackle every challenge in your way. According to your calculations, you might have even determined that you’ll be packed and ready to go at least a week before your moving date. Then reality sets in, and you realize things will probably be a bit more complicated than you thought.

Moving is seldom as quick and easy as we hope. When you start to take inventory of everything you own, you’ll realize that you have much more than you initially thought. No matter how many things you donate or throw out, more stuff will magically appear. And how are you supposed to remember how to reassemble your furniture and electronics? But, on the other hand, don’t people move all the time? And what are friends and family for anyway?

We know that the decision to hire or not hire movers can be difficult. That’s why we came up with this list of pros and cons of hiring movers. This list should help you look at your choices from different angles and help you make the best-informed decision possible. So keep reading to find out what works best for you.

Pros of Hiring Movers

Let’s start with the good news. Hiring a professional moving company has several perks. When going this route, you are almost always guaranteed a much more stress-free move, thanks to several factors.

Your safety. Let’s face it, the act of physically moving can be scary. Moving large pieces of furniture certainly isn’t something you want to learn by trial and error. Nothing is more important than your health and personal safety. Hiring movers saves you the trouble of a hurt back, bad knees, or bruised anything. Hiring a moving company means you won’t have to worry about your safety.

  • Professionally trained movers do all the heavy lifting.
  • You save yourself the hassle of figuring out how to move furniture the hard way.
  • They have a team that knows how to work together to make a move safe and efficient for everyone involved.
  • They use professional tools and techniques to ensure safety, such as protective gear, non-slip mats, and training.

Safety of your possessionsThe second most important thing to keep safe during your move is, of course, your belongings. Professional movers know that you’re not just changing your address. You’re uprooting your entire life. Your belongings are a big part of that. Hiring professional movers means a degree of safety only they can meet.

  • Your movers will safely pack your things using professional equipment to get them from Point A to Point B damage-free.
  • People with training and expertise will handle your belongings. Professional movers have moved things in and out of buildings dozens, if not hundreds, of times. All that experience means that they can safely maneuver any couch or television out of any door from any floor.
  • They have driving experience. When you’re moving, especially long distances, there’s a bit more that can go wrong. You also need the ability to drive a giant moving truck in any road condition, time, and weather. So it’s certainly better to let the professionals handle the driving.

Time. Time is the ultimate gift, and hiring a professional moving company gives you a lot of extra time to focus on the things that only you can handle. We’re talking about researching the school district, finding new doctors, and canceling gym memberships. If you tend to get easily overwhelmed, you’ll appreciate all the ways that a moving company can help you.

  • Their sole job is to get you moved quickly and efficiently. Professional movers have one job. And that is to get your things from one place to the other quickly and efficiently. They’re not dealing with personal calls, changes of address, or other family matters. All they have to do is get your belongings from your old home to your new one.
  • Take advantage of the extra services some companies offer. How lucky are we to live in a day and age where we can even have movers pack our things? Depending on the type of service you choose, movers can do everything short of buying your new home. If you genuinely want to avoid as much heavy lifting as possible during your move, hiring professional movers is the way to go.
  • Let the movers worry about the driving. If you ever drove a moving truck, you know the responsibility is incredibly draining. You have to be highly alert throughout the whole drive. Every bump feels like you’re on a roller coaster. If it’s a far move, you have to devote your entire day or several days to driving. So save yourself the hassle and let a professional do it.

Cons of Hiring Movers 

Of course, every rose has its thorn. Hiring movers is great in theory, but you should be aware of the negatives as well. Check out a few of the cons of hiring professional movers below.

Professional moving companies are expensive. There is just no getting around this one. If you are planning on hiring movers, you’ll want to go with a reputable company, which costs money. To fit movers into your budget, you’ll have to consider several things.

  • A professional moving companies prices typically start in the thousands. Depending on the size of your home, the drive, and the specialty services you need, the price will only get higher.
  • Finding affordable companies is hard because they either get booked up quickly or are not entirely reputable. Finding one will take a lot of research.
  • If you charge it to a credit card, it will be a high debt. Additionally, if you really don’t want to go into debt over it, you might need to start saving for it up to a year in advance. Hiring a moving company is a luxury.

You have to trust strangers. Trusting strangers with what is essentially your whole life is no easy task. You have to be willing to put a lot of faith in the company to hire professional movers. You’ll have to trust them to do several things professionally.

  • You’ll have to trust them with your items.
  • You’ll have to trust that they will deliver everything to your new home and that nothing will “get lost” along the way.
  • You’ll have to trust them with any private belongings.

Giving up control. Under the umbrella of trust falls another form of faith that you’ll have to have with your moving company. You’ll have to be ok with giving up a lot of control.

  • You’ll have to be ok with letting them guide you on how to move.
  • You’ll have to trust that they know the best way to make the move as seamless as possible.
  • You’ll have to be flexible with the way your belongings are being packed. If you hire movers to pack your things, they’ll generally know the best way to pack them. You’ll have to trust that they know what they’re doing.

Bottom Line

Hiring a professional moving company is a fantastic thing, but it comes with a price. Literally and figuratively. You’ll have to do a lot of research and consider the pros & cons of hiring movers. Without a doubt, you will have to make some sacrifices along the way. With that said, most people would agree that hiring a moving company was one of the best things they could have done for their mental health and furniture.