Moving to Florida: Places to Visit 

When you think of moving to Florida, your mind probably fills with dozens of colorful images. You see beautiful people and crystal-clear ocean waters. Those are pretty accurate depictions of Florida. Living here is a dream come true. You’re in a tropical paradise. You live where others vacation. There are beaches all around you, the people indeed are stunning, and the state is inspiringly colorful.

But that’s not all there is to Florida. There’s something here for everyone and our professional moving company can get you here. From world-class theme parks to fantastic shopping to untouched nature, we created a list of all the must-see places in Florida. Some you might already be familiar with or have at least heard of and some might surprise you. Check them out below!


Orlando. This city is a no-brainer. You can’t live in Florida and not experience the magic Orlando has to offer. From Disney World to Universal Studios, this magical city is full of adventures you can tackle on dates, with friends, or with the whole family. So if you’re setting your roots down in Florida, make sure to add Orlando to your bucket list.


Miami. Another no-brainer. Down in South Florida lies one of the state’s most popular and beautiful cities. Miami is full of historic buildings, trendy dining, breathtaking museums, and some of the world’s best shopping. As if that wasn’t enough, it neighbors the famous Miami Beach. The infinite number of fun things to do here will undoubtedly make you feel like you are in the center of the universe.


Naples. If you love the Florida vibe but want a slight change of scenery, try visiting Naples. The city feels like something out of a romance movie. With its luxurious restaurants and historic sites, this is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway after moving to Florida. Additionally, Naples is home to several nature parks and high-end golf resorts. Doesn’t it sound like a great place to relax?


Fort Myers and Fort Myers Beach. When you think of Florida, chances are Fort Myers isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind, but we bet the images of what you believe Florida looks like are the exact descriptions of Fort Myers. Also known as The River District, this city is famous for its top-notch resorts and dreamlike beaches. So much so that it’s a tourist and celebrity favorite. And don’t worry, if you need to bring the little ones with you, your family can enjoy places like the IMAG History & Science Center. You can spend a whole day here joining in one of the dozens of nature-like activities by day and then head off to a romantic dinner by night.


St. Augustine. History buffs will love visiting St. Augustine. Known as “the oldest occupied city in the U.S.A.,” Spanish explorer Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles landed in the city in 1565 and quickly set up shop there. Today, we get to admire all the beautiful history left behind. From the architecture to the museums, St. Augustine will send you back in time. If you’re moving to Florida, be sure to see what kind of real estate St. Augustine has to offer!


Clearwater. Tucked between The Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, this popular vacation spot feels like the epitome of a Florida getaway. The 3-mile-long beach has everything you need for a coastal staycation: restaurants, bars, resorts, and warm weather nearly all year. If you’re visiting with family, you’ll enjoy the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, where you can learn more about the sea life that surrounds you. Did we mention there are also tons of Dolphin sightings by the dock? Seriously, if you are at all into the coastal life, this is a must-stop in Florida. Just make sure to bring lots of sunscreen!


Daytona Beach. Daytona Beach is the perfect getaway for fellow Floridians. We swear, the second you drive into this city, you feel its relaxing vibes. While the famous Atlantic side beach is known for its NASCAR races, it is also home to many summer festivals. If you have kids, you can swing by the Daytona Lagoon Water Park, complete with waterslides, go-carts, and laser tag. And if you’re looking to go into deeper relaxation mode, you can hang out at The Sunglow Fishing Pier, where you can sip on a cup of coffee while you watch the dolphins. Or you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon of fishing.


The Florida Keys. You might have heard of Key West. Between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, there are about 120 miles that hold a string of tropical islands known as the Florida Keys. The last inhabited key is formally named Key West, but locals often refer to it as “Key Weird.” It’s a top tourist location and Floridian must-see. This famous spot has no shortage of things to do. From traditional fun stuff like bars to shopping and sightseeing to other more coastal activities like fishing, snorkeling, or kayaking, you’ll find something for everyone.


Pensacola. Last but not least on our list is Pensacola, Fl. This vastly underrated city, also known as the “Western Gate to the sunshine state,” is….you guessed it…The westernmost state in Florida. Pensacola is one of Florida’s most flaunted cities. The city constantly ranks top as one of Florida’s most beautiful landscapes thanks to its unreal blue waters and largely undeveloped coastline. If you get a chance to come here before it grows too much and inevitably becomes saturated, consider yourself lucky!


These are just some of our favorite places we think you’ll enjoy after moving to Florida. But any good Floridian knows it would take a lifetime to visit every amazing city and place in Florida. The state is full of never-ending spots to explore. So really, if you’re lucky enough to live here, know there is always a new adventure waiting for you. The whole state is your playground, and any adventure you crave is never far away. If you’re ready to make the move to Florida, contact us today to get started with a free moving quote!