Tips For Moving In 2021

Tips for Moving in 2021

If you’ve ever so much as changed desk during your lifetime, you know that moving can be a headache. You start with the best of intentions, making everything as simple as possible in your mind until the second you have to load that first packing box. That’s when you realize the tape you have won’t work; your blankets are too big, and your dishes need to be covered in bubble wrap. Before you know it, you have literal chaos around you. But worry not, we have come up with the ultimate moving tips to help you prepare for your big move in the smoothest, least stressful way possible. Keep reading to find out how: 


Start by Trashing. The minute you find out you’re moving is the minute you should start “Mary Kondo-ing” your entire home. Before you start labeling and separating, you should be parting ways with everything that doesn’t bring you joy, anything you haven’t used in the last year, and anything that is just trash. Often, the headaches brought on from moving are due to the overwhelming anxiety of random things around your home. Take it from us; the less clutter you have to deal with during the move- the more stress-free it will be.


Research Moving Companies. How lucky are we to live in a day and age where everything is online? It is easier than ever to find out prices, time frames, and services from the comfort of your couch. Because a moving company can make or break your moving experience, it is vital you research them ahead of time. Things to look out for are (of course, too many bad reviews), are they licensed in the state you’re in, and always look over their fine print. Check out our reviews here.


Make a Plan. Once you’ve gotten rid of all the clutter and are ready to pack everything that is left- it’s time to make a plan. Having a concrete plan and a list you can check off will not only make the transition smoother but quicker. If you are color coding the rooms- write down which rooms will be what color. If you are putting things in storage- write down exactly what. You can go as far as writing down the order you will be packing in (e.g., starting with the bedroom, then the restroom, living room, etc.). That’s not to say you won’t have to disperse from the plan. But having something to keep your mind organized will be invaluable.


Gather All Your Supplies Ahead of Time. Once you’ve made your plan, look ahead and gather everything you will need. Include even the smallest and most “insignificant” piece of supplies. Include boxes, tape, markers, zip ties, bubble wrap, box cutter, scissors, plastic bags, Ziploc bags, and even tools like a hammer, pliers, and screwdrivers to help you disassemble things. Find a designated workstation area and try to keep everything there after each use.


Pack least used items first. Anything that you’re keeping for mere sentimental value (aka I am “definitely” going to use at some point) should be packed first. This includes books, movies, décor and garage stuff, and/or anything else you rarely use. Make sure you label those boxes as non-essential, so they’re stored all the way in the back of the moving truck.


Color Code by Room. One of the most helpful things we’ve seen is this genius little trick. Rather than just labeling your boxes, color code them. Doing something as simple as using different color markers to label boxes can save you a lot of time in the long run. Our brains are wired to group things, and by putting a system together in which you can recognize what box belongs in which room just by looking at the color of the marker, you will significantly reduce your moving stress.


Create a “Fire Bag.” If you’ve ever wondered what you would take with you if there were a fire, you know what a fire bag is. It holds all your most valuable documents. Maybe some pictures and a few prized possessions. The moving version is very similar, only that it’s also more of a suitcase. It includes pajamas, toiletries, toilet paper and a change of clothes. It is basically everything you need on your first night at the new place. Packing this in advance is helpful for two reasons. One, you won’t be frantically looking for your things all over the place while trying to put it together. It will also ensure you have everything you need on your first night in the new home, which is super helpful when you’re beyond exhausted on moving day.


Slow and Steady. If there’s one thing most people moving have in common is that they are understandably entirely overwhelmed. The secret to being one of the rare (less stressed out) movers is changing your perspective and doing things slowly. Moving can be a great experience; you are, after all, starting a new chapter in your life. You’re purging away old things and making way for new opportunities. With that said, try to enjoy every step of the way and handle each task with the intention of making things easier on yourself.


Don’t Forget to take Pictures. One of the best things you can do to avoid creating a confusing mess for yourself at your new destination is to take lots of pictures of your electronics. Take pictures of the back to help you remember what plugs go in where and with what. Trust on this; even when you know exactly where everything goes, this is still a way to help your future exhausted- self a lot of trouble.


If you follow these easy 2021 moving tips, we promise your move will be smooth and, dare we say, maybe even enjoyable. Try them out for yourself, and don’t forget to pay it forward and share this article with other people that might need it.

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