Ideally, you should stay at home while the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect people throughout the country. Moving, unfortunately, is sometimes unavoidable. Whether your lease is up or you have a new job in another city, you may not be able to delay your moving date. In those cases, you should hire professional movers in Palm Beach County and follow these tips on moving during the pandemic.


Is Moving During Coronavirus Allowed?

Yes, you can move during the ongoing pandemic. While Florida Governor Ron DeSantis issued a stay-at-home order in the spring of 2020, these limits were lifted during the summer and have yet to return.1 With rising COVID-19 cases, the state might go back into lockdown, but that seems unlikely. Either way, moving companies are considered essential services and are still able to help you move even during a lockdown.


Tips on Moving During COVID

So, if you end up moving during coronavirus, there are a few things you can do to mitigate the health and safety risks involved. If you want to keep yourself, your family, and your professional local or long-distance movers in West Palm Beach, FL safe – follow the tips on moving during coronavirus listed below.

Schedule a Virtual Survey

To avoid in-person contact with people as much as possible, request a virtual survey instead of an at-home survey to get your moving estimate. Many moving companies are now offering virtual surveys to follow social distancing guidelines as much as possible.

Cancel Your Move If You Are Sick

If you or another member of your household starts exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, be sure to inform your moving company as soon as possible. Depending on when your moving date is scheduled, you may have to delay or cancel your move. Not only is moving while sick bad for your health, it can also expose your family members and movers to unnecessary danger.

Do Some Or All Of Your Own Packing

While professional packing services in West Palm Beach are convenient and time-saving, packing your own things might be the safest route to go when moving during COVID. This avoids movers having to go inside your home for extended periods and handling your belongings.

Order All Your Packing Supplies In One Go

If you will be doing some or all of your own packing for your move, you should try to obtain all the moving boxes and packing supplies you need in one go. Don’t go from shop to shop to buy what you need, order packing supplies directly from Safebound Moving & Storage. We are also glad to provide you with expert packing strategies and tips!

Wear Face Masks And Carry Hand Sanitizer

Once your movers arrive at your home, please maintain a proper 6-foot social distance as much as possible and wear the appropriate face covering. Wear a face mask that covers both your mouth and nose. If possible, you and your family could also wear face shields. Carry around hand sanitizer and schedule the water utility cutoff after your moving date to allow for frequent hand disinfecting throughout the moving process.

Look Out For Good COVID-19 Policies

When looking for a moving company in West Palm Beach to book, be sure to choose one that has good COVID-19 safety protocols in place designed to protect their customers. At Safebound Moving & Storage, our Boca Raton movers and Palm Beach movers, practice several coronavirus health and safety protocols – including frequent hand washing, maintaining social distancing, disinfecting moving trucks, and wearing medical grade gloves and face masks – on every job they’re on. To schedule a move with our long-distance or local movers in West Palm Beach, contact us or call 561-475-2330 for a free moving quote!


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