Moving to a new home is a big decision. It is a major transition that impacts everyone in your family, including your kids. That is why it is best to find ways to involve children in the moving process. Since kids are not strong enough to help with loading and unloading, they can get in on the packing action. By making packing a fun and playful activity, your kids will be glad to help out and it may even help assuage some of their anxiety surrounding the upcoming move. Here’s how kids can help pack for a move.

Color Code The Decluttering Process

Decluttering before you start to pack is a good way to decrease the number of boxes and items you will need to load onto a moving truck. Not only is it a money-saving activity, it can also be a fun activity your kids can participate in. Get your children involved with the purging process by giving them two packs of sticky notes in two different colors.

Instruct them to label items they want to keep with one color and label the things they want to donate with the other color. Once their items are sorted into keep and donate groups, you can use our expert packing strategies to start filling up your moving boxes.

Sing an Entertaining Family Packing Song

Nothing brings a family together like a mini jam session. Bringing music into the moving process will encourage your kids to join in. For particularly adventurous parents, have everyone sing a family packing song. Pick a famous song or lullaby with easy to follow melody and change the lyrics to match with the task at hand. Come up with the lyrics on the spot and have your kids make up their own lyrics too – you will be surprised how creative they can be!

Play A Game of Basketball With Toys

If you are looking for ways kids can help pack for a move, start with light items that aren’t easy to damage. Since they are very easy to pack, your kids can be responsible for putting their stuffed toys and pillows into moving boxes. Make a game of it by having them shoot their toys into the box. Increase the difficulty level by moving the box farther and farther away. In no time, all the toys will be put away in boxes.

Let Kids Decorate Moving Boxes

When all the kid-friendly packing tasks have been completed, you will still have to keep your kids occupied. Instead of having them stare at a tablet or cellphone for the rest of the day, let them color and decorate your cardboard moving boxes. Give your kids a collection crayons, stickers, markers, and color pencils in plenty of different colors so they can create lovely artwork. Let them decorate the top, bottom, and three sides of each box. Leave one side clear for labeling purposes.

Book Safebound Moving & Storage

You don’t have to exclude your kids from the moving process. There are plenty of ways kids can help move. If you turn packing into a fun activity for them, they will be happy to pitch in. If you are looking for the best movers in West Palm Beach to handle the heavy lifting, book Safebound Moving & Storage! Contact us or request a free quote today.