When it is time to make a move, many people can be overwhelmed by the anxiety that comes with it. They will worry about a lot of different things involved, from budgetary concerns to potential logistical headaches. However, understand that the top concern for most people getting ready for a big move is protecting their personal items from getting damaged or broken while in-transit.

If you hire top-rated local or long-distance movers in West Palm Beach, you can trust all your belongings will receive the proper protection. If you are moving by yourself, follow these tips for protecting valuables while moving.

Fill Up Your Moving Boxes Completely

Our professional movers in West Palm Beach compiled a list of expert packing strategies for those preparing for a move. One of the best ways to protect your belongings when moving is by filling moving boxes all the way. Avoid leaving empty spaces within a box. If you do not fill the spaces, the items inside will shuffle a lot and the box itself can be crushed by another box stacked on top of it.

To ensure you boxes aren’t too heavy to carry, use large boxes for lighter items and smaller boxes for heavier items. When transporting particularly heavy items, plastic containers are a great alternative to cardboard boxes.

Be Smart When Loading Your Items

If you want to know how to protect furniture when moving, or other household items, it is best to start by making the best use of the space inside your moving truck. To ensure that your belongings are properly secured inside a truck, create a loading plan before your big move. Catalogue your furniture and other household items and sort your moving boxes by weight.

Start by loading the largest and heaviest items first, including mattresses, washer/dryer, sofas, refrigerators, tables, and so on. When loading boxes, make sure to place the heaviest boxes at the lowest level. You may need to use straps to avoid shifting.

Keep Valuables In Your Personal Vehicle

If you have items that are incredibly valuable or irreplaceable, it is best to keep those with you when moving. Don’t load things like family heirlooms, large pieces of artwork, or jewelry into a moving truck with your other stuff where they have a higher chance of getting damaged. Instead, transport these valuables in your personal vehicle. Even if you have booked local movers in West Palm Beach, it is still best to transport these expensive valuables separately.

Hire the Top-Rated Professional Movers

The easiest way to ensure the safety of your belongings is by hiring Safebound Moving & Storage. Our professional moving company in South Florida will do everything to ensure your move is seamless and damage-free. Book our highly trained movers by contacting us or requesting a free quote today!