Need to learn how to pack china cups and saucers for moving? What about fine china plates? The last thing you want to happen during your move is for delicate items and family heirlooms to be damaged. Our West Palm Beach movers have compiled a list of tips on packing china cups and packing china dishes for moving. Before you load all your breakable and irreplaceable cups and plates into a moving truck, follow these helpful tips on packing fine china for moving.

Don’t Use Recycled Moving Boxes

Old and worn-out moving boxes will not provide enough protection for your fine china and glassware. Using recycled boxes is a good way to save money on packing supplies, but it’s best to use them only for unbreakable items such as clothes and linens. When packing china cups or packing china dishes for moving, use new moving boxes and packing supplies to ensure maximum protection. The best way to pack fine china for moving is to put them in specialty boxes called dish pack kits and glass pack kits.

Use Packing Paper Generously

When transporting delicate items, use a lot of packing paper. Crumpled packing paper lining the bottom of a moving box can serve as cushion. Don’t forget to wrap each item individually with two sheets of packing paper. Put crumpled packing paper inside mugs, cups, and glasses to protect from breakage. Fill any empty spaces with packing paper to prevent as much movement inside the box as possible. To provide the highest level of protection to your fine china, wrap items with bubble wrap before wrapping with layers of packing paper.

Arrange Items Based On Weight

When packing fine china for moving, you have to properly arrange items inside boxes before taping them closed. Place heaviest items at the bottom of the box with lighter items nearer to the top. Never lay plates flat, that is a sure way to get broken plates. Instead, link each plate vertically with carboard dividers in between each of them. Fine china should be packed in smaller sized boxes that should weigh no more than 10 pounds. Tape down the top opening and extend the tape down the center. Taping across the top and side edges will add additional reinforcement.

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Tips on Packing Fine China for Moving